Bukid of Doom Face Mask

The Bukid of Doom is all set to fight this covid shit.

Masks feature the following:

* carbon-fiber reinforced bulletproof honey-nut flavored front portion that instantly converts covid virus bits into Danish butter cookies and bad breath into Glade lemon scent

* bukid of doom logo features GPS tracking and instant “swipe-right” Tinder access when pressed.

* turned inside out, this mask doubles as 5th generation night vision goggles

* comes in 3 sizes: normal, small, and lisngag og ilong

* inside lining doubles as underwear

* auto-senses Lotto outlets and instantly gives lucky pick numbers for Lotto 6/49

* washable and is guaranteed to work 100% until the year of our lord 2056 or your money back.

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More info at Archivus Designs